Scan QR code, enter contact information, access menus and offers
Scan QR code
Enter contact information
Access menus and offers
Sample QR code

Contactless sign-in for all industries

Eliminate hand-written guest logs for a digital welcome.

Phone scanning a QR code
Easy to use check-in process starts with the scanning of a QR code, no app required
Records the name, phone number and date/time for contact tracing
"Remember me" means they never have to enter their name and phone number again
For any business that is required to collect customer contact information
A store open sign
Menus and other links can be configured for each location and customers don't need to scan a second QR code
Optional QR codes based on table, section or area record a visitors precise location
Health screening information can be collected from the visitor
Turn-key signage to get you up and running quickly
A store open sign
A computer displaying a report
"Check-out" can be enabled to record the precise time that the customer leaves
Customers can leave feedback with a rating system
Customers can subscribe to email promotions after check-in
Manual check-in lets you collect information from customers without smartphones
Shield with a check mark
Improve hygiene by eliminating hand-written logs and reducing crowding at the door
Reduce high-touch surfaces like clipboards and pens.
Optionally track customers to the area or table where they are seated
Customers can skip entering their name and phone number on their next visit
Customers have a single access point to check-in, screening questionnaires, menus, promotions and feedback
Data is encrypted end-to-end and is automatically destroyed after 30 days to comply with government regulation
Contact tracing logs can be downloaded for public health officials

Eliminate handwritten contact tracing logs



per location (US dollars)

  • Unlimited customer check-ins
  • No hidden fees
  • Printable QR code signage
  • Secure record keeping
  • Extracts for public health
  • Try out all the features with a free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

    About us

    qr arrived is a guest check-in tool that allows you to safely and efficiently capture contact information for contact tracing purposes.


    qr arrived is a product of 12509202 Canada Inc.

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